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burps taste like blood

Chronic rotten egg/sulfur burps..
My Burps taste like sulfur - what does that mean? | ZUG | The #1 site for pranks, stunts, and comedy experiments
For the last three weeks, off and on, I have been having burps that smell like feces. I read on and a few other sources that this only usually happens if a

  • I have burps that smell bad... it usually.

  • Answers for What does it mean when your burps taste like rotten eggs:That means that you ate something that wasn't digested good. thanks for using chacha.
    What does it mean when your burps taste.
    I am a 25 year old female and my only illness asides from these rotten egg/sulfur burps is Asthma -- since an infant. I have suffered with these burps for years of my
    29.01.2007  Best Answer: Okay, first of all DO NOT perform oral sex until you find out what's wrong!!! Sounds like you have bad indigestion. Use an antacid either

    burps taste like blood

    My Burps taste like sulfur - what does.
    Louisiana Sinkhole ‘Burps’. Signs Of.

    Burps that smell like feces.

    Burps that smell like rotten eggs?.

    15.03.2008  Best Answer: Amplex tablets from your pharmacist will deoderise your entire gut. It's the trace gases found in intestinal gas that are responsible for
    Louisiana Sinkhole ‘Burps’. Signs Of.
    My Blood Tastes Like Iron

    burps taste like blood

    Why do my burps smell of eggs?-bleugh.?.