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what is the max amount of zoloft you can take

what is the max amount of zoloft you can take

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    The maximum suggested dose of Effexor XR (extended release version) is evidently 225mg. However, if the anti-depressant effect isn't fully taking, can one be
    Anyone take Zoloft 50 mg? What are your.
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    what is the max amount of zoloft you can take

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    I was diagnosed w/ AD/HD ~ 8 mos. ago, and at the moment I'm taking a combo of Zoloft and Adderall. While Adderall seems to be the "drug of choice" these days, I

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    22.07.2006  Best Answer: You should also Talk with doctor about any uncertainites,or worries you have like the above stated. I hope this helps ZOLOFT TABLETS 50 mg
    What Is The HCG Diet & Why YOU Should Try It! It takes years of intense study of the human body to realize the balance of metabolism, fat cells and side effects that
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    Can You Go Above Max Suggested Dose On.
    Hello, 0.375 mg alprazolam is not enough to keep me asleep all night and I do not want to take more. I thought I would try plain old Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for
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